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The Perfect Stroke

I am in a group swim class together with four awesome women and our most patient swim instructor. I’m a complete beginner. I know, how do you get to be fifty something and not know how to swim? Last night as I took my first … Continue reading

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Spiritual But Not Religious

Being a pastor, I sometimes hear folks tell me they are “spiritual but not religious” when they meet me, wielding the phrase like a shield against becoming a part of the house church or any other faith community. The phrase is … Continue reading

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A Church by Any Other Name

Naming a church is a dicey business. After all, you want a name that has meaning to those who are already there but is also welcoming to those who are not. You want something catchy and modern but the church … Continue reading

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With all the remembrances of September 11, 2001 this past Sunday, we were reminded of the most common question after the horror of that bright, sunny morning: why? Why did these 19 people do this? Why act in such a horrific way … Continue reading

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Steadfastly Perky

A couple of weeks ago the man who does pest control at my house said, “Once they walk through the chemicals, the bugs will die. So if you see them, bugs will be in one of three conditions: perky but soon to be droopy, droopy but soon … Continue reading

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