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Usher Me In

Many, if not most, churches have Ushers. We may have different views about what they do, how they do it and why. And, we sometimes ponder, do Ushers usher or do they ush?* Whatever the answer, in this episode of … Continue reading

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Living Water: Easter Season

Easter Day is come and gone, so Easter’s over, right? Well, no. The season of Easter in the Christian year lasts from Easter Day until the Day of Pentecost, seven weeks later, a period of 50 days that begins at sundown … Continue reading

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Honor God

In my last post, “Guilt and Shame” I talked about hurting God by not remembering to pray. After I posted, I thought that some of you would say to yourselves, “But how could she hurt God by forgetting to pray?” Some would … Continue reading

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Guilt and Shame

guilt flyers (Photo credit: bpp198) A couple of weeks ago, I was driving to my third appointment of the day when I suddenly realized that I had not prayed that morning. It wasn’t that I had thought about it and … Continue reading

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Why House Church?

I confess. I still read the newspaper. Not online, on paper. Week before last, one article caught my attention in the Tampa Tribune, “Survey: More People Not Tied to a Religion.”  In it, Michelle Bearden reported on a recent study from the Pew Forum on Religion … Continue reading

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