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Into the Heart of Christmas

My friend, Jan L. Richardson, is a singularly talented clergywoman. An amazing artist and writer*, Jan captures the heart of the gospel in a way no one else does. She offers online studies during Advent and Lent. Her new study, Illuminated: An Online Journey … Continue reading

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What's Advent?

December 1st marked the beginning of the Advent season. Celebrated the four Sundays prior to Christmas, that first Sunday is the beginning of the Christian Year. Similar to Lent, it is a time of preparation for the coming of the … Continue reading

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Give Thanks

As Thanksgiving approaches, why not begin thinking now about all that for which you are thankful to God? Even in awful circumstances, there remains that for which we give  thanks to God for he sustains us in ways we often … Continue reading

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Where's the line?

Wednesday morning while listening to the radio, I heard about the blog post below about singer Carlos Whittaker and his decision to take his 9 year old daughter with him when he went to help the victims of the tornado … Continue reading

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Pentecost, meaning fiftieth, happens this coming Sunday, fifty days after Easter. In the Old Testament, Pentecost was also called the Festival of Weeks or Shavout. Originally a harvest festival, it was one of three festivals where all Jewish adult males were to appear before the Lord in Jerusalem with gifts and … Continue reading

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Living Water: Honor your Mother

  Mother’s Day. A day meant to be a happy celebration of the maternal bonds we have with our mothers. Yet, for some women, the observance painfully reminds them that, for whatever the reason, they could not be mothers. Others, … Continue reading

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Living Water: Easter Season

Easter Day is come and gone, so Easter’s over, right? Well, no. The season of Easter in the Christian year lasts from Easter Day until the Day of Pentecost, seven weeks later, a period of 50 days that begins at sundown … Continue reading

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