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Martin Copenhaver – Remember Me? 

My precious Daddy died in 2008, after several years of living with dementia, the last 18 months or so unable to identify me as his daughter. This piece by Martin Copenhaver is a poignant reminder of my time with my … Continue reading

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Editorial: Stay United!

Originally posted on Oboedire:
As the Annual Conferences of the United Methodist Church meet during these weeks, the challenges we face as a denomination become more apparent.  And the fact that we are not agreed as to how we should…

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A Halloween Commentary – Take 2

Last year about this time, I posted a commentary about Halloween. Take a moment to read it so what follows makes sense. I stayed home on Halloween night last year, not only to give out candy but also to meet … Continue reading

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Living Water: Privileged to Serve

This Sunday, most of the people of The Well will be at our sponsoring church, First United Methodist of Brandon, Florida serving at the free spaghetti dinner that they offer weekly for people in the area struggling with homelessness, hunger or … Continue reading

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Living Water: Dogs in Church

In one of our house churches, there are two King Charles Spaniels who join us for worship each week. Both well-behaved girls, Hannah and Trinity greet everyone as they enter each week and they usually sleep under the coffee table or … Continue reading

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Honor God

In my last post, “Guilt and Shame” I talked about hurting God by not remembering to pray. After I posted, I thought that some of you would say to yourselves, “But how could she hurt God by forgetting to pray?” Some would … Continue reading

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Why House Church?

I confess. I still read the newspaper. Not online, on paper. Week before last, one article caught my attention in the Tampa Tribune, “Survey: More People Not Tied to a Religion.”  In it, Michelle Bearden reported on a recent study from the Pew Forum on Religion … Continue reading

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Breaking Out

Last week I talked about the Christian bubble, how it keeps us from the very people Jesus wants us to know and love. The bubble afflicts pastors, too, in fact most of us are in an airtight bubble as I … Continue reading

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It Started Innocently Enough

English: The Sabbath Rest (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Recently, I requested a bid from a company to work on my lawn. The company comes highly recommended so I anticipated accepting their bid until I heard something the man who prepared the bid said … Continue reading

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Bark Like Mad and Run Away

English: Chocolate and White Cocker Spaniel (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Last week at one of the house churches, our host family was dog sitting a family member’s 7 month old cocker spaniel puppy named Gracie. Cute as could be, she just … Continue reading

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