A Different Perspective

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPerception is reality. In college, this mantra laid the foundation for the coursework in  my Communication Studies degree. We each perceive experiences differently. Two people may sit next to each other in class yet one may say class was awful while the other sings the professor’s praises. Law enforcement often must discern truth from vastly different accounts of a particular crime or accident, all because of the differing perceptions, and therefore realities, of the witnesses. Taking a different perspective can mean a distinct shift in our perception of any situation. So, the post below interested me not only because it’s about pastors but also because it proves the point that with a different perspective, your perception, and thus your reality, changes. The post, though written from a male point of view, says what I think most pastors, male or female, would say. It’s all simply a matter of a different perspective.



About Rev Uch

I'm a United Methodist pastor serving Emmanuel United Methodist Church in Bradenton, Florida. My husband and I have been here since July 2019. We are thrilled to learn more about Bradenton. Stop by our website at http://www.eumcbradenton.org/ for more information about me and the church.
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