Living Water: Ordinary Time

"Ordinary Time" or season "Afte...

“Ordinary Time” or season “After Pentecost” (Photo credit: Messiah Lutheran (Mechanicsville, VA))

Ordinary Time. The name sounds so, well, ordinary. Yet we spend more time in the two periods of Ordinary Time than any other period of the Christian year:

1) From the day after the Epiphany and/or Baptism of the Lord through the day before Ash Wednesday.

2) From the day after Pentecost Sunday through the day before Advent.

During Advent and Lent, we are preparing for the great celebration seasons of the church, Christmas (birth of Christ) and Easter (death and resurrection of Christ), that begin on Christmas day and Easter Sunday. Then, after each of these is a period of growth, Ordinary Time, during which we learn about Jesus’ life and how to live as a disciple. Guess it’s not so ordinary after all!

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I'm a United Methodist pastor serving Hyde Park United Methodist in Tampa, Florida. My husband and I have been here since July 2016. We are thrilled to be back in this area closer to most of our immediate family. In Tampa on a Sunday? Stop by one of our six weekly services. Find out more at
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1 Response to Living Water: Ordinary Time

  1. Amber says:

    Would really love to learn more about the observance of lent, especially Ash Wednesday. What the day signifies, how we as Christ followers should experience?…


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