The Toilet Paper Teaching

Recently, in Oboedire, Rev. Dr. Steve Harper’s blog, he said the following:

“Jesus’ call to love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength is not a multiple choice experience, where we select from the list the one or ones we prefer. Rather, it is a call to a comprehensive spirituality where nothing, absolutely nothing, is outside the realm of our formation.” (Italics mine)

So, in that spirit, I am sharing something with you that I might have otherwise kept to myself

Kimberly-Clark automatic toilet paper dispenser
Kimberly-Clark automatic toilet paper dispenser (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

as my own personal reflection. I’ve traveled a bit over the last couple months, so I have spent more time than usual in public bathrooms. Time after time, when I entered a stall, there was an enormous toilet paper dispenser affixed to the side of the stall, full of gigantic rolls of toilet paper. Yet, time after time, the dispenser, attached too low, resulting in my doing gymnastics to actually dispense toilet paper. There the dispenser was absolutely full of toilet paper yet out of reach.

One of the house churches of The Well has been considering how to share their faith with others. We talked often about the ways we can make the Christian faith out of reach or inaccessible. In part, it’s because we don’t know how to tell our own stories well enough to tell others just how compelling the gospel is. Another part is that we don’t use everyday language to talk about Jesus, making the simple complicated. Some Christians make a project out of bringing another person to faith, rather than simply letting it happen in the natural course of their relationships with others. And, sadly, some Christians self-righteously judge those outside the faith instead of extending the grace that Jesus offers to everyone. All this combines to make the faith somewhat like those toilet paper dispensers – in plain sight, promising everything we need yet out of reach.

Has faith been out of reach for you at some point? What made it that way? More importantly, what can we do to make it more accessible?

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

About Rev Uch

I'm a United Methodist pastor serving Emmanuel United Methodist Church in Bradenton, Florida. My husband and I have been here since July 2019. We are thrilled to learn more about Bradenton. Stop by our website at for more information about me and the church.
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2 Responses to The Toilet Paper Teaching

  1. jcf77 says:

    I love your analogy about the TP being out of reach… and the church! LOL!


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