Neutrinos and God

Yesterday in his column printed in the Tampa Tribune, Charles Krauthammer shared an incredibly important event in the world of Physics ( Long story short, the scientists in Europe believe they have found a subatomic particle, called a neutrino, that travels faster than the speed of light. Nothing travels faster than light or so says the Theory of Relativity. Regardless of whether we understand it or not, if it’s true (and many scientists in this field are checking it), it turns everything we thought we knew about physics these last 100 years on its head. As Krauthammer so eloquently put it, “…there must be some error. Because otherwise everything changes. We shall need a new physics. A new cosmology. New understandings of past and future, cause and effect. Then shortly and surely, new theologies.” What? New theologies? Let’s just be clear that the ability to measure these tiny particles, if indeed they have traveled faster than light, hasn’t changed anything about the physical universe itself. Oh, the hypotheses that we have come to accept as the basis of physics and some other sciences may change, but neither God nor the creation that God spoke into existence is any different today than the day before the scientists made this discovery. And, I am certain these neutrinos were not a surprise to God. As God flung the galaxies across the sky, set the stars in their places and the planets in their orbits, as he formed the earth and sea, plant and insect, bird and animal, human flesh and bone, he did not create the world to the specifications of the physicist. No, the physicist is merely discovering, one step at a time, the wonder of a universe made by a God of infinite creativity who delighted in the beauty and wonder of his creation and called it ‘good’ and ‘very good’.

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9 Responses to Neutrinos and God

  1. Stephen Blessing says:

    Turns out there probably was an error in the initial computations, as the scientists, when they measured the distance between the two points that the neutrinos travelled, didn’t take into account the discrepancy that’s inherent in the GPS calculation. It’s actually very interesting, because the GPS signal has to take into account Einstein’s special theory of relativity to compensate for the speed at which the signals travel.


  2. Amber says:

    Fascinating! Here is yet another of Star Trek’s sciences being proven scientifically . Regardless of how much new science we discover the one constant that will remain is that God is Sovereign.


  3. segale2001 says:

    Man! Just when the world on a tortoise was about to make it all fit.


  4. good thought kim. i like it.
    any house churches going yet?


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